Do I need a licence for all registered users? (IUM)

  • No, licences are allocated dynamically to active users.
  • Power users should remain in their existing group and keep their fixed licence.  
  • Casual users are moved to their own group and IUM manages the licences for these users.

Your licence has exceeded?

  • The sum of the permanent users and the queue (IUM users) must not be greater than your license tier.
    (e.g. if there is a 500 licence tier and you have 100 power users, then 400 licences are available for IUM to share.)

Getting the IUM waiting screen for every user?

  • If you are getting the IUM screen for every user, your power users are configured in the IUM process. Please make sure, that all users which have a permanent licenses assigned (Power Users) are not in the one of the IUM groups (enabled or disabled)

What about the legal side? (IUM)

  • IUM is completely legal and does not violate Atlassian's End User Licence Agreement. IUM works non-intrusively with the features and functionality provided by Atlassian applications.
  • A number of large, international organisations are already using IUM.

What are "heavy" users and why do I need to manage them? (IUM)

  • Conceptually, we have considered users who could or should be exempt from IUM because they may be using the applications 24/7. We perform an analysis of your log files to identify the usage patterns of all users.
    It may turn out that the system has no heavy users, in which case all users will be managed with IUM. This means that more licences are available, which can be allocated to users dynamically.

What about the safety and security of IUM? (IUM)

  • Both Apps in the Marketplace, IUM for JIRA and IUM for Confluence are part of the Bug Bounty program.
  • We ensure that there are no open or known security issues in both of the Apps.

You are using a connection to an Atlassian Crowd directory? IUM is not working properly? (IUM4Jira, IUM4Confluence)

  • In this case IUM is not able to add users to the access-group. During the login you are directly redirected to the queue page
    To avoid that you need to switch the connection to your Crowd Server to read/write. Only a reading connection will not work with IUM.
    You need to login as a local admin, as a directory user you are not allowed to edit the connection.

Which user will be removed from the access group next from IUM?

  • IUM removes the user with the longest inactivity. Inactivity is independent of the date of the last login. 
    Last inactivity refers to the last time an issue was edited or viewed (browse user activity). This may cause a discrepancy with the date of last login.

Why aren't the users removed from the access group?

  • It could be that the user with a permanent license is in one of the IUM groups
    → please check: It is important to ensure that there are no users with a permanent license (e.g. from another group) in the IUM groups (user/access).

Why were users removed from the IUM groups overnight?

  • IUM carries out a check of the IUM groups (user and access) at 2:00 AM server time and removes users who have been deactivated in the meantime or who have received a fixed license via, for example, the confluence-users group.

Why weren't all users synchronized during User Sync?

  • IUM automatically filters out users with a fixed license and deactivated users during user sync.

Why is there a message saying that IUM has automatically reduced the shared licenses?

  • If the entire license tier is exceeded by subsequently adding new users with fixed licenses, IUM automatically reduces the shared licenses by this value and sends a popup to the administrator. (this job runs hourly)


How can I enable mentioning of users in Jira Software and Jira Service Management in Comments/Boards/Tickets/Issues? (IUM4Jira)

  • When using IUM you will realize that IUM users cannot mention other users in comments to your tickets anymore. To avoid that you have to add the IUM-enabled group to the "Browse Users" permission. Therefore you need to change the "Global Permissions" in Jira (Administration→ System → Global Permissions) and add the IUM-enabled group.

  • In order for the mentions to work in Jira Service Management, the IUM user group must be assigned the “Service Desk Team” project role. (Administration→ System → Project Roles)

Why my Jira is not sending notification messages to my disabled users? (IUM4Jira)

  • Email notifications (Jira Version 8.19.0)
    In Jira 8.19.0 Atlassian has changed the mechanism of notifying people. All users must have a proper Application License to still receive notifications. (
    To avoid that limitation you can use a built-in Jira Dark-Feature from Jira 8.20.6 onwards. Just go to the page https://your-jira-instance/secure/admin/SiteDarkFeatures!default.jspa and enable the Dark Feature (Side Wide Dark Feature)

    This limitation can occure in your instance. In case your instance is affected please use the provided method to enable notifications.

Does the Incomming Mailhandler work with users from the IUM User Group (no licence group)?

  • yes, up to and including Jira 9.6
  • you only have to select "IUM MailHandler" under handler for the existing mail handler

How I can extend IUM logging?

  • To extend the log files for IUM, a new entry can be added under Logging and profiling.
    (-> system -> Logging and profiling -> default loggers -> configure)

  • Enter de.accxia.jira under package name and select DEBUG under logging level.


Why I am getting an error message when installing IUM? (IUM4Confluence)

  • In case IUM installation results in a timeout and is installed as disabled there are some Confluence System Plugins missing.
  • Please check in your instance if the "Workbox" - Addons are enabled. You can find them in "Manage Apps" in System Addons. All three Worbox-Addons must be enabled

How I can extend IUM logging?

  • To extend the log files for IUM, a new entry can be added under Logging and profiling.
    (→ Confluence administration -> Logging and Profiling → add new entry

  • Enter de.accxia.apps under class/package name and select DEBUG under new level.

The IUM user group is empty when the Crowd User Directory is synchronised

  • The local group must be set to "inactive" in Crowd to keep Crowd away from this group.


You are using a connection to an Atlassian Crowd directory with Bitbucket? IUM unfortunately cannot work (IUM4Bitbucket)

  • Because the write protection of the crowd permissions cannot be removed, IUM does not work in combination with Atlassian Crowd directory in Bitbucket.