Latest Release Notes for Release

  1. Ensured Jira Version 8.14 compatibility
  2. BugFix: If a project key was containing digits, the App failed to filter activity streams, this has been fixed

The Problem

Jira Work Logs Viewable By Everyone

Jira’s time logging capability enables users to log time such as work, training, holidays and sickness against issues. That information is then available in a number of activity streams to all users.

The graphics below show how this information looks when looked at from three different views in Jira.

Examples for displaying worklog

The Issue History

The Activity Stream

Certain types of Jira deployment require access to work logs information to be restricted to only authorised users. Examples of such use cases include;

  • Professional services businesses or agencies that collaborate with end clients using a Jira instance. Such companies may wish to log their time within the Jira projects but not share those time logs from within Jira with their clients

  • Organisations that have statutory privacy or compliance issues relating to personal information may also need to restrict access to viewing time log information

UnView for Jira addresses these requirements by restricting viewing access to work log information to predefined groups of users or Project Roles.

In addition the Time Tracking Details Panel visibility will be limited to users assigned to the selected group or Project Role. It will be hidden for anyone else.

The solution

UnView for Jira is an App that when enabled works transparently for an end user. They continue to have all the standard Jira features to add and view their own work log information.

The App does however restrict who, additional to the end user, can have access to view those work logs.

Work log entries are viewable to authorised users in the following standard Jira views;

  • Work log

  • History

  • Activity

Configuration is possible through an easy to use whitelist approach where an administrator determines which groups of users have access to view work log information.

You can define dedicated Project Roles e.g.

  • WorkLogViewer

  • EstimatesViewer

For details see the Administrator Guide at the end.

The graphics below show screenshots from the perspective of an unauthorised user both before and after UnView for Jira was configured.



Issue work log

Only defined user groups and/or Project Roles can see logged work. However, you can see your own logged work.

The logged work is hidden everywhere. These are following sections:

  • Issue history

  • Issue activity stream

  • Project activity stream

  • User activity stream

Time Tracking Panel

The panel will only show up for users which are assigned to the selected group or Project Roles. It will be hidden for any other Users even if they have JIRA log work permissions.

Jira Rest API Filtering

As of Release Version the app supports REST API filtering for Urls like,renderedFields&fields=worklog

REST API’s of Tempo Plugin are not filtered…

The relevant / affected entries, will be completely removed from the API Json response.

The new Blocker Features

Export Blocker

The new Export Blocker feature can be enabled via toggles switch. Only users with either WorkLogViewer Group or Role, and Project Lead if enabled can export Jira issues 

The export button will be removed from issue view page for any other user.

In parallel the export is blocked from the backend as well. Even if a user knows the export urls, they will be blocked

Report Blocker

The new Report Blocker feature is automatically enabled. Only users with either WorkLogViewer Group or Role, and Project Lead if enabled can create the Time Tracking Report. 

The Time Tracking Report Option will be removed

In parallel the report is blocked from the backend as well. Even if a user knows the report urls, they will be blocked

Administrators Guide


The App saves the current panel status while startup. It is replacing the existing panels. The original panels are disabled.

The original panel status will be restored when the App is disabled or uninstalled.

Anonymization Settings

The Anonymization Settings provide administrators with these options below…

Worklog viewer Group

Choose the Jira groups that are allowed to see the worklog information.

These users will be able to see the Time Tracking Panel and time tracking issue fields as well.

This field is a multi select field.

Worklog viewer Project Role

This Project Role offers the same features as the Worklog viewer Group above. Since it is a project role, it is project specific.

This field is a single select field.

Estimates viewer Project Role

This Project Role defines who can see the Time Estimates and the Time Tracking Panel. These role is included in the Worklog viewer Project Role above.

This field is a single select field.

Allow Project Lead (Since Release

This feature has been added based on customer requests. If enabled, project lead can see all work log details of his project team.

Hidden text

Choose the text, which is displayed instead of the worklog. If you leave it empty, a default translated text for "hidden" will be shown.

To check if your language is supported, please check the official Atlassian translations:

Hide Entry (Since Release

If enabled this results in hiding affected entries completely

Disable Rest (Since Release

By default, the Rest Filter is enabled, to disable, simply enable the Switch.

Fix Special Character Bug

Due to a bug in newer Jira Versions, Jira Activity Streams XML is not properly escaped. For older Jira Versions you need to disable in case you experience issues with special characters/German Umlaute e.g. ÄÜÖ.

Block Export

Block Export for all users not in worklog viewer group or role. Only when enabled, export is blocked for all users who are not in Worklog Viewer Roles or Groups.

Prepare App


Automated: Apps in Marketplace

  1. Open Administration drop down menu

  2. Click on Add-ons/Apps

  3. Find new add-ons/apps

  4. Search for "UnView for Jira"



You've got a valid license? Hooray!

  1. Open Administration drop down menu

  2. Click on Add-ons

  3. Manage add-ons

  4. Search for UnView for Jira

  5. If Update is displayed press it


UnView for Jira licenses can be purchased through the Atlassian Marketplace.
After you bought your license follow following steps to apply:

  1. Open Administration drop down menu

  2. Click on Add-ons

  3. Manage add-ons

  4. Search for UnView for Jira

  5. Click on add-on entry

  6. Copy-and-paste the license key into the license box and press update

  7. Optional: Get cake!

For further information see here:

FAQ & Troubleshooting

I see 2 Worklog Panels. Relates to

· Worklog Tab Panel

Solution: Just diesable and reenable the App.

After uninstalling the App, I cannot see the original Panels anymore. Relates to

· Worklog Tab Panel

· History Tab Panel

· Time Tracking Panel

Solution: Since the App disables the original panel modules, in rare cases, they might be deactivated. You can change this in the system App settings to reenable.

· Issue Tab Panels Plugin --> Work Log Tab Panel

· Issue Tab Panels Plugin --> History Tab Panel

· Atlassian JIRA - Plugins - View Issue Panels --> timetrackingmodule

After adding a license the App is still not working properly


· Disable and Reenable the App

· Make sure you have selected a group in the config settings

Solution: This is a known Jira issue, please press reload to reload the UPM Page in your Browser.

Can I hide more than the worklog?

If you need more than worklog information hidden from unauthorised users then contact us at our Service Desk!

I have another question!

Just send an email to our Service Desk!