Accxia’s new App WebBooster for Confluence speeds up page loading times by about 2 times.


If your Confluence Instance is running behind a reverse proxy, Atlassian recommends to disable Confluence integrated “gzip compression”.

Since Confluence loads large javascript and css files (e.g. batch.js, batch.css), this may result in slow loading pages, when your connection bandwidth is limited, especially for initial page loading.

For details see




With WebBooster for Confluence, you will be able to add GZIP compression only to those java script files mentioned above. Without any impact on your local proxy configuration.

This will result in less data to be transmitted when the page is loaded.

As a result, based on your connectivity, you can expect a significant performance increase upto 2 times.

Example without WebBooster for normal Confluence Page

Example with WebBooster for normal Confluence Page

If you have gzip compression enabled in Confluence or Proxy Server you do not need this App!

But for sure this App checks whether you Confluence instance has got zip enabled. In this case, the App outputs a warning message in the Confluence logs and does nothing.

Please understand that after you change the option  Compress HTTP Responses

you do need to disable and reenable the WebBooster App.

(This is required due to performance reasons)


Just install the App “WebBooster” from Atlassian Marketplace.

Apply a valid License and thats it. If no valid license is found this app will disable itself (for performance reasons).

There is no configuration required.


If you enabled the App by accident, you might need to be able to disable this App manually.

Even if we are not expecting that this will happen, we provided a solution.

For emergency cases, there is a url the admin can call at any time to disable the App.

e.g. http://localhost:89/plugins/servlet/emergencystop

This will ask your for your admin login credentials and wil stop the WebBooster App immediately.